The Pre-Accelerator Programme Kicks Off with the Lean Canvas Business Model

The Berkshire Growth Hub’s Pre-Accelerator Programme starts today, Friday 27th April.

The intensive course, delivered by VitalSix, is designed to help make entrepreneurs enterprise ready. By teaching attendees business fundamentals, the programme will support them in developing a sustainable small business.

The first workshop is on the lean canvas business model, a one-page plan that concentrates on creating, delivering and capturing value through addressing 9 key issues.

Our Pre-Accelerator attendees are being asked to:

1.   Think of the who, what and why of the problem you’re solving with the business. List functional and emotional needs as these prompt people to buy.

2.   What can you use to solve the problem, and how will these features benefit your customer?

3.   Do you know your customer? Their age, gender and where they live? Define your customer and the market size.

4.   What do you have – IP, technology, brand etc. – that cannot easily be bought and copied?

5.   How will you make customers aware of you and how will you reach them?

6.   What is your Unique Value Proposition? You need a single, clear message that makes you stand out from the crowd.

7.   Have you done your research? Consider key milestones like prototypes and customer discussions.

8.   What are your fixed and variable costs and cash flow? Assess your cost structure.

9.   How many sales do you need to make in a week/month/year? What is the sales price and what is the margin per sale?

There is still time to join this spring’s Pre-Accelerator Programme, but spaces are now very limited. Please see here for more information.

If you are bit further along the line in your business venture, but would still like to fully funded, no cost to you business help and advice, please contact us at the Berkshire Growth Hub.

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