How Circular Design Can Make Your Business More Profitable

Why, as an SME, should you care about circular design?

Recent negative publicity around plastic waste has highlighted how dependent we have become on the traditional, linear economy model of make, use and dispose.

Businesses can increase profitability through better, more efficient use of resources. By adopting the circular economy concepts of creating and retaining value throughout the product lifecycle, SMEs can market better, more cost-effective products while delighting socially aware customers who care about the environment.

And although it is the big players making all the noise – like the supermarkets switching from plastic to paper packaging – SMEs also have a great opportunity to use the circular design thinking approach to create a competitive edge.

Find out how at the Berkshire Growth Hub’s Transform Masterclass on Circular Design. It’s free to attend for Berkshire businesses with high growth potential, and takes place at the new Thames Valley Science Park on Friday 29th June.

By the end of the three-hour workshop, attendees will come away with a set of tools and templates for tackling business issues environmentally, profitably and in a socially responsible way.

You can reserve your space at the Circular Design Transform Masterclass free of charge if you are a Berkshire business with high growth potential. Spaces are limited, though, so please book now to ensure your place.

Want to know more about Circular Design before you book? This McKinsey report outlines the key benefits.

The Berkshire Growth Hub is government funded to provide impartial, actionable advice and support to help small businesses grow. All the events listed with a Growth Hub logo here are free to attend. Please click on the individual listings to book your place.


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