FinanceHeads Ltd

FinanceHeads Ltd

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Sectors: Financial Services

FinanceHeads is a collaboration of independent qualified, experienced accountants who provide trusted part-time finance director who will deliver a comprehensive package of support and advice to business owners that most bookkeepers and high street accountants aren’t close enough to do. We recognise that bookkeepers and accountants provide essential services for business owners, but we complement them by mentoring and developing bookkeepers and providing considered and concise information to external accountants in each case achieving a better service for a lower fee.

Contact: Michael Cartwright

Michael will suggest the members’ that best match your need, from which you can make your own selection.

All members provide a free initial consultation, during which they will outline what they can do to help you, how they will go about doing this, and most importantly it will enable you to ascertain whether you can work with them.

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