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360 Law Group is a disruptive legal practice, founded in 2014, which provides small and medium-sized enterprises with a modern, flexible, affordable and customer-centric legal service. 360 Law Group’s offering means that following a trial period, its clients can enter into an annual contract with them and their legal costs will be fixed at a monthly price, spread over the duration of the contract, thereby providing certainty of costs irrespective of increases of workload. Where a company has in-house counsel 360 Law Group acts as a trusted advisor, but where there is no in-house representation acts as if it were the client’s own in-house legal counsel, ensuring support is only an email or telephone call away. Service level agreements ensure that work is completed on time, every time, and extended business hours means support is available from 8am – 8pm 5 days per week. The company operates virtually, so any location can be covered both in the UK and abroad, with lawyers being available in person as required regardless of location.

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