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Hello. We’re Avidmode, a digital marketing company based in Maidenhead, UK. We build and promote things on the web.

We offer clients an end-to-end managed solution on the technical side; from website to web server. Our work comes with an extended support guarantee: What we build, we will maintain. Small or crucial work is free for as long as you use our product.

Our websites are fully responsive and work on all devices, and we’re careful with our choice of platform. If we wouldn’t use one ourselves, we wouldn’t recommend it to a client.

Marketing is so many things and we endeavour to have them all at our disposal; graphics, writing, social media, email campaigns — the lot. Except we don’t have a checklist. (Actually, we do; Kittie makes millions of them, but they’re about other things.) What we mean is, we tailor solutions based on the project.

We especially like ecommerce. Learning about a product and its target audience are two of the most fun and interesting things we’ve encountered so far.

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