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Every business needs clients and income. But do you struggle to get enough?

You’ve spent time and money on your marketing, on websites, social media, networking … but you’re not getting the results you want.

It’s hard to fit marketing into your week. You’d rather be busy with clients which means that the marketing always slips down the to do list.

You don’t feel confident that you’re getting the right message out there.

Or you feel that marketing is trial and error, which means making mistakes until you find what works.

All this leaves you with whatever work comes your way, rather than with your ideal clients.

And it almost certainly leads to the feast and famine that drains you, like so many small businesses.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You can solve all of these problems with a surprisingly simple shift in mindset and a bit of planning.

Once you get clear on your emotional USP, you’ll feel confident explaining what you do.

With some planning, you start to think about marketing strategically, rather than as ad-hoc activity.

You can create a straightforward schedule so you’re clear on what to do and when. And with that you’re clearer on what you’ll write about, what you’ll post, how you’ll reach your audiences.

As you become consistent with your marketing you soften out the ups and downs. You’ll bring in regular, better new business leads. You’ll have no need to hustle or sell.

How can I help?

I’m Chantal Cornelius and since 2000, I’ve helped coaches, consultants and trainers to reach new clients.

I’ll show you how to do it, in plain English. Then I’ll hold your hand until you build the marketing habits that’ll get you the results you’re after.

Here’s how we can get started:

1 Subscribe to my newsletter. In Scribbles I give coaches, consultants and trainers over 20 years of marketing advice, for free. You’ll get a monthly dose of marketing ideas – sometimes ‘how to’ tactics, sometimes how to think more strategically. There’s no sales pitch – just information to help you market your business.

People have been enjoying Scribbles since 2000, when I started printing it out on actual paper and putting it in the post. For years now it’s been an email that arrives on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Sign up here.

2 Read my book – Magnetic Marketing. If you want to escape the feast and famine and find a simplified way to get more clients, a Marketing Plan will help.

A plan will show you what marketing you need to do when, so you can escape the trap of ad-hoc activity – that just leads to feast and famine.

Magnetic Marketing is a 9-stage process. Follow it and by the end of it you’ll have a Marketing Plan that you can implement.

In the first four chapters we delve into what makes you different, your goals and the best ways to reach those goals, as well as understanding your ideal clients. This all leads up to page 65, the simple solution to avoiding feast and famine, where you’ll see how to schedule your marketing so you’re clear on who does what and when. You can buy it here.

3 Hear me Speak. If you’ve read the book and would like some help, you’ll find me speaking at events across the UK. My regular topics include:

  • How to Stop Wasting Money on Your Marketing
  • Magnetic Marketing – 9 Steps to Your Marketing Plan
  • The ABC of Marketing – the only three marketing activities you need to do

You’ll get to see me in action, ask me questions and share experiences with people with similar businesses to yours.

I’m often asked to deliver full-day workshops, where you’ll come away knowing how to create your complete marketing plan.

Call me on 01635 578 500 to find out where I’m speaking next.

4 Free Marketing Review. If you’ve read my book or heard me speak, you can apply for a free Marketing Review call. You can tell me what marketing you’re doing and why and I’ll give you advice on how to improve what you’re doing.

This will help you stop wasting money on your marketing and get you heading in the right direction. If you’ve been marketing your business for a while, but floundering, I’ll help get you back on track.

Spaces are limited with only four Marketing Reviews available each month. Call me now on 01635 578 500 to book yours.

5 Hire Me for a Marketing Direction Day

This is a full-day immersion away from your office that will help you think about where you really want to go with your business, and how your marketing can get you there. You’ll come away with clear goals, a schedule and a structure, so you know exactly what marketing you need to do for the next 12 months. I’ll even help you fit your marketing into your weekly schedule.

We’ll cover:

  • where you are you now, what makes you different and what you’re actually selling
  • goals for your business and your marketing
  • choosing new business different strategies
  • identifying your ideal clients
  • what marketing activities to focus on
  • turning all that into a schedule that you can actually carry out.

Most clients feel relieved by the end. They go away saying “you’ve simplified my life” and walk into networking meetings with renewed confidence to say “What I do is …”

Call me now to find out availability for your Marketing Direction Day on 01635 5748 500.

6 Hire Me to Mentor You. I make space for small number of mentoring clients each month, who’ve already been through my Marketing Direction Day or have attended one of my workshops.

In mentoring, we’ll have monthly calls and I’ll be there for you as a sounding board in between. I’ll I steer you on what marketing activity to do, help you to get on with it and hold your hand until you’re comfortable. I’ll give you a wealth of marketing insights and ideas. I will also hold you accountable to help you get the marketing done.

The result – you’ll implement your plan and carry out your marketing consistently. Which means you’ll get more clients.

Call me on 01635 578 500 to talk about getting started with Mentoring.

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