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An IBD-accredited business adviser, Nick Shanagher helps SME owners and directors with sales, profit or strategic growth.

The common areas where my clients need help are:

  • Setting and hitting their targets.
    Sometimes your personal goals may be very clear (for instance, to climb Mount Everest) but you have not worked out how you will get there. Other times you are just too busy working in your business and solving other people’s problems to remember the big picture. My one-page game plan helps you to get cut through.

  • Building their business proposition.
    Everyone likes playing to their strengths. But does your marketing stand out from your competitor’s? And if it does, are you addressing a must-have need for your customers? I can help you with some great tools that give you clarity on your business strengths are and where to focus your efforts.

  • Getting a grip on their business.
    Do you find that you are fixing the same problem over and over again? This often stems from confused accountabilities and conflicting objectives within the business. Improving communications and focusing on what matters will help get your business to the next level of performance.

I work with owners of small and medium-sized enterprises who are seeking to be more successful or to free up their time by overcoming problems and seizing opportunities. I also work with directors who want to develop their leadership skills and careers.

My background is that I was an award-winning SME managing director for 25 years. In this time I developed great teams and profitably grew sales from under £1m to £4m. I was helped by some great business advisers so I know how useful it is to have a second pair of eyes supporting your business leadership.

If you want to know more, call me on 07966 530001 or drop me an email at

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