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I am a Success Coach specialising in team and leadership development programmes for driven, changing businesses and helping my private clients deal with their stuff and get what they want.  

My mission is to support start-ups and small business in building successful products and businesses that live their mission and values and deliver for their investors as quickly as possible.  I want to help you short circuit the pain of team growth and code your values and culture in to the DNA of your business. By creating an environment where your mission is clear, roles are defined and your talent are nurtured, self-aware and collaborating effectively, you can achieve your business objectives quickly and profitably.

Adopting a people-focussed, team led approach is key to ensuring your business can flourish and  to retaining effective and engaged talent.  Tailored team and leadership development programmes have far reaching benefits that can turn businesses around. Investment in informed, targeted and bespoke team and leadership development brings an ROI unreachable with training courses, consultancy and ‘raft building’ team building days. Whether you are experiencing change or want to focus on team performance,  bright yellow team development programmes can support your business. 

All my team interventions are tailored to the specific requirements of each team and company we work with.  

Everyone can benefit from team and leadership development programmes.  It’s not just for blue chip companies and reserved for executives, and its not about fixing something that is broken.  It’s about focusing on your people, capitalising on their collective talent to help achieve your targets, whilst nurturing a positive culture and high retention.

I am also a life coach, working privately with individuals who have stuff they want to deal with and things they want to work through or achieve. 

Everyone can benefit from life coaching.  It’s not just for building a huge life plan or taking over the world and reserved for executives, and its not about fixing something that is broken.  It’s about getting what you want, no matter how big or small, and knowing when you have got it by the feeling of true happiness you feel when you get it.

I have a relaxed but challenging approach to coaching and am often referred to as bubbly and fun.  I am a very passionate person and this drives me to provide the very best for you and I will work hard to ensure you get the most out of our sessions.  I have no fixed methodology.  I am intuitive rather than process led and will pull from an eclectic mix of thought processes, techniques and tools depending on what is most useful to you and to create an environment that enables positive change and understanding.

I run a series of self development events to help you move forward on areas such as:

  • Forming plans for action
  • Nutrition
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Stress
  • Stuckness 
  • Relationship issues
  • Unhelpful thinking habits

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