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I want to increase my sales. What can I do?

You could consider any of the below to generate more sales inquiries:

  • A referral scheme
    If your customers value your service or products, you could ask them to recommend you to other people. Word-of-mouth marketing is incredibly valuable and you could also offer an incentive to any referrer who recommends you to a paying customer.
  • Raising awareness
    You could consider advertising, using social media or developing a public relations strategy in order to increase awareness of your offer. The Growth Hub also runs several networking events each year. Click here to visit our events page.
  • Motivating your staff
    Performance-related pay packages are a popular way to motivate sales teams. If your employees have the opportunity to earn extra in commission, you may find they work harder to bring in new customers.

If you are already developing lots of interest, but are not making lots of sales, it might be wise to invest in some sales training. You should also ask potential customers why they are choosing not to purchase from you.

Where can I go for sales and marketing advice?

There are numerous websites that provide free marketing advice. Some popular ones are detailed below:

  • Chartered Institute of Marketing
    A leading international membership body that offers many different types of marketing training courses. See the website here.
    Business website with a digital marketing section that can be found here.
  • The Marketing Donut
    Covers all aspects of marketing for small businesses in detail. The website can be found here.

How else can I sell my products?

If you want to sell your product or service through new sales channels or markets elsewhere in the UK, you could consider working with wholesalers, retailers or distributors. You might also want to consider selling online. Some free advice on using sales agents and distributors can be found on The Marketing Donut website here.

I am planning on selling abroad. What should I do?

This page has some more advice on exporting goods or services.

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