Legal Advice Clinic: Growth Hub 1-1

Legal Advice Clinic for Berkshire Businesses

Our Legal Advice Clinic offers Berkshire business owners a free consultation with a fully qualified, experienced solicitor from Field Seymour Parkes Solicitors in one of these areas:

  • Company structure and business relationships
  • Premises
  • Employment
  • Data Protection, Commercial Contracts, Intellectual Property

Why attend this clinic?

Being a business owner and ensuring you stay protected legally can be daunting. Book a free appointment with a member of the Startup with FSP team who are dedicated to providing expert legal solutions that are tailored to the needs of your new or growing enterprise. Ensure you are making the best choices for your business by discussing matters in different legal areas as detailed below.

What is covered?

You will be able to receive advice from a legal expert in one of the following areas:

Corporate Law

Discuss business structures and how to put the appropriate framework and documentation in place to regulate the management of the business and the relationship between the shareholders/partners. Rachael Maunder and Becky Powell, corporate solicitor, can answer any questions you may have on this.

Property Law

Premises are often one of both the largest liabilities and assets of a business. Whether you are looking to buy or take a lease of a property, this is an opportunity to ask questions about the process of acquiring the property your business needs. Vicky McDonald and Joanna Stepien, commercial property solicitors can deal with any questions you may have.

Employment Law

Employees are essential to driving forward any business, so its important that they are properly managed and rewarded. David Clay, employment solicitor, can answer queries on a full range of employment matters, from recruitment, employment contracts and day-to-day HR queries to disputes and dismissals.

Data Protection, Commercial Contracts, Intellectual Property

Discuss how to protect your ideas and ensure you do not fall foul of any data protection legislation or speak to us about how the right commercial agreement can give any business the protection and certainty it needs when dealing with its customers and suppliers. Soraya Salhi, commercial solicitor, can help to deal with any queries on these topics.


21/05/19 One-hour bookable appointments are available from 10:00 – 15:00.

You will be asked to select your preferred time slot from a drop-down menu when booking. Please note: Reminder emails from Eventbrite may only state the total time of the entire clinic , so please make a note of the one-hour time slot you have selected and arrive in good time for your session.

About our Legal Advice Clinic experts

For more information about FSP and the Startup with FSP team, please visit The Startup with FSP pages contain lots of useful FAQs as well as a link to other useful resources.

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