ILM Approved Leadership Programme

ESB training is running this ILM Approved Leadership Programme, which is a two-day course to help new and developing managers become confident leaders.

What does the programme cover?

Workshop One – learn about the difference between Leadership & Management, and discover your own personal strengths and development areas as a Leader

Workshop Two – Teamwork: identify the stages of the development and ways to accelerate teams to the High Performing stage, conduct a team health check and establish tangible ways to increase the impact of your team, however big or small.

Conflict: Understand some of the key causes of conflict in the workplace and identify ways to resolve real, underlying or potential conflict and reduce its impact. Discuss ways to prevent conflicts emerging. Learn about the strengths and trouble-spots of your own preferred approach to conflict situations and explore alternatives to help you manage conflict as positively as possible

These workshops are highly engaging and practical in their approach, run in small groups, with lively discussions, creative exercises and packed with useful tips and takeaways.

When is the programme running?

The following training course dates are now available to book:

  • 29th January 2019
  • 13th February 2019 

About ESB Training & Coaching?

  • We offer small groups with high levels of support
  • We hold regular group coaching sessions via Skype to share experiences, answer questions and provide advice, keeping everyone’s momentum through your assignments.
  • We run a monthly coaches support & networking group, Coaches & Coffee, to create a wider sense of community and offer further opportunities for skills development. These are friendly and informal and help build relationships with other local coaches.

Please call 07947 034566 or email to find out more.

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