Effective Networking Clinic: Growth Hub 1:1

Why attend this clinic?

Networking is an essential tool when starting or growing your business. As a small business owner, it is important to network in order to raise awareness of your business, make connections, find potential partners or employees and generate potential sales leads. However, entering a room full of strangers at an event can be daunting.

This free one-hour clinic will help you to improve your networking skills, from how best to approach someone at an event and make a good first impression right through to how to follow-up and build a relationship.  

Our bookable one-hour sessions are available to provide one-to-one tailored advice and guidance on how to network effectively.

What is covered?

This workshop will take you through the stages of building valuable business connections, from pre-networking to building the relationship through LinkedIn.

The clinic covers:

  • What you need to do when you arrive at an event
  • What are the best tactics whilst at the event
  • How best to follow-up
  • Why taking the relationship onto LinkedIn can be helpful
  • How to build an effective profile on LinkedIn
  • How to use LinkedIn as a great business tool
  • Growing the relationship on LinkedIn
  • Getting the relationship to the point where there are revenue opportunities

About our clinic expert

Tony K Silver is the founder of Solid Silver Solutions which was set up to assist both Micro Businesses and teams from SMEs and Corporate companies to maximise their return on investment when it comes to networking and LinkedIn activities, in person and online. With decades of business networking experience, Tony has seen the best and the worst and wants to help you ensure your networking activities are the best they can be.

Tony specialises in three areas: networking, LinkedIn and Relationship Management.

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