IT, Cyber Security & GDPR Clinic: Growth Hub 1-1

Cyber Security and GDPR

This clinic will provide business owners with one-to-one advice on IT, cyber security and GDPR. It is designed to give you an opportunity to explore your current information technology needs, in simple jargon-free terms, and discover how making the right choices early on in your business can really pay dividends as you grow.

Our bookable one-hour sessions provide tailored advice and guidance on choosing and using the right technology for your business and ensuring your systems are protected and compliant.

Why attend this IT clinic?

Some of the topics you may want to discuss in the clinic include: 

  • Choosing your tech – Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, tablets and smartphones…what options are right for your business? How well do they all work together?
  • Protecting your business from cyber crime – How do you ensure your technology is set-up to protect your business and your customer’s personal data? Learn about GDPR and what you need to do to be complant. Discover how your IT choices can help or hinder GDPR compliance and explore the most appropriate anti-virus solutions for your business.
  • Tech to help you run your business – Need help choosing the right apps (e.g. customer management, email marketing or accounting systems) to help you run and manage your business?
  • Websites, search engines and social media – What does it all mean and how to make them work best for your business? From domain names to email addresses.
  • Storage solutions – Should you choose online or offline storage and back-up?

Many small businesses start with the technology the founders already have around them – a personal laptop and smartphone, home broadband, and often personal or home editions of software. As a business grows, the limitations of these technologies start to become apparent. Small businesses needn’t spend a fortune in time or money to create a simple, streamlined IT environment that properly supports their needs.

This IT clinic is designed to give you an opportunity to explore your current  information technology needs, and to share options and ideas for creating a simple, streamlined IT environment that supports your business without taking too much of your focus and time away from doing what you do best.

About our IT clinic expert

This clinic is being delivered by Andy Steer of Vividly Simple on behalf of the Berkshire Business Growth Hub. 

Andy has spent 25 years in Sales and Marketing, including leadership positions with blue-chip multi-nationals and consultant roles on £100m – £400m IT, Telecoms and Outsourcing opportunities.

Andy now focuses on providing simple, jargon-free Technology, Communications and IT Support services to small businesses, leaving staff and owners free to do what they do best.

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