Communications: Growth Hub 1-1

What does the Communications Clinic Cover?

  • Press release writing and media communications
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Internal communications
  • Messaging
  • Storytelling

Why Attend a Communications Clinic?

Are you sure you’re talking to people in the right way?  This may sound like a stupid question, but far too many organisations – even mature ones – treat comms and PR as a ‘nice to have’ aspect of the business that can be fit in at the last moment.  In truth, the past 20 years with social media and instant access to reams of information, both accurate and inaccurate, has turned this on its head. Like it or not, quality communications have now become the central pillar to entire marketing campaigns. 

So – do you know who you’re talking to about your company and why?  Do you know that what you are saying is relevant, sensible, memorable and differentiating?  Perhaps you are so involved in your business that anything that’s not product development or sales simply doesn’t have space in your head?

Whether it is about trying to secure reams of earned media coverage, trying to position your company as the leader in what it does, or trying to secure your third round of funding, the approach and the messages are always different.  This session will help you to either start considering the communications process, or as a sanity check that where you’re going, what you’re saying and who you’re saying it to is the best option for your business.

For more information and help, please see our sales and marketing page.

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