How to Build a More Valuable Business Masterclass

Building a More Valuable Business

Ideal for both start-ups and established businesses in Berkshire, this free interactive workshop will help you understand the key drivers of value in your business and provide you with practical tools and strategies to drive your business forward.

Why attend this masterclass?

Achieving growth in your business is of course a key objective for business owners. But business growth doesn’t automatically drive the value of your business and it is value that puts you in control of your future.

Business Doctor, Marketing & Board Director, David Oakley will reveal the eight key drivers of value in your business that will help improve scalability and attractiveness to prospective future investors.

This masterclass will provide you with practical tools and best-practice thinking, which you can put into practice in your own business straight away. You’ll also have the chance to network with other local business owners during the event.

What is covered?

This interactive masterclass will challenge you to think about:

  • The difference between profitability and value.
  • How to structure your business to maximise value.
  • How to scale your business in the most effective way.
  • What professional business buyers look in valuing a business.
  • How you can avoid ‘The Owner’s Trap’.
  • How to create value through differentiation.
  • The different types of recurring revenue.
  • The key question you need to ask your customers to predict the likelihood that they buy again in the future.
  • How to benchmark your business against the world’s greatest companies.

During the masterclass, you’ll breakout to examine a few areas in more depth for your business, either individually or with the help of your peers. These will include thinking about what really makes your business different & special, a key driver of value. You’ll also have time to consider which of your revenue streams drive most value in your business and whether you can identify any potential recurring revenues, again a key value driver.

As a bonus offer to all attendees, you will be sent a link in advance of the workshop to assess where your business is against the eight measures using the renowned “Value Builder System™”.  After the workshop, you’ll receive the full report covering all aspects in much more detail and the option of a complementary 1-1 consultation with David.

About our masterclass expert

David Oakley
Business Doctor, Marketing Director & Non-Exec Board Director, David Oakley helps start-ups, scale ups and high growth businesses on their business and brand strategy, planning & implementation. He has more than 25 years business experience working for Coca-Cola, KPMG & Twinings, both in the UK & internationally, leading teams across multiple disciplines including brand marketing, e-commerce, retail, business development & finance.

David also operates as a part-time Marketing Director and sits on a couple of Boards as a Non-Exec Director: with TrustMark, the Government-endorsed tradesperson scheme; & also with a Multi-Academy Trust. He was also a chair of governors at a local primary school. Originally a chartered accountant and finance director, David moved into sales and marketing a dozen years ago. David describes himself as curious, resilient and challenging, and gets a buzz out of helping others achieve success.



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