Thorrin Training

Fully funded support from the Berkshire Growth Hub has given a Reading SME owner the confidence to create better business opportunities.

Thorrin Training specialises in digital technology training for the security market, and has been in business since the end of 2016.

Director of Training, Gordon Visgandis, used the 1-1 marketing clinic –  delivered by Growth Hub partner Mark Robson of Insight Group – for advice on improving his website’s SEO.

A renewed focus on digital marketing is also helping Thorrin Training to generate new leads.

As Gordon explains; “Our Business Champion, Phil Ashford, suggested that we should always have a call to action when approaching potential clients; something to keep them interested. We’ve introduced more hooks into the company, like giving away a free course and leveraging social media.”

“After support from the Growth Hub, we’ve got a much clearer idea of how to win new business, and I would say that we have more sales opportunities now than we did before we started the High Growth Programme.”

Gordon adds: “I would absolutely recommend the Berkshire Growth Hub. Finding the High Growth Programme has restored confidence in being able to run the business when things began to get overwhelming. Money is scarce when a company is new and finding the opportunity for free of charge support from the Growth Hub was a necessary lifeline that has saved us an enormous amount of time in building the business and providing direction.”

“The Growth Hub provides an essential service to small businesses.”

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