Sensory Dimensions

“I came away feeling empowered and able to put a framework in place that could enable me to arrive at the answers I was seeking much quicker.” 

says Tracey Sanderson, Director of Sensory and Consumer Research, Sensory Dimensions.
This is how Tracey benefited from the Berkshire Business Accelerator.

Sensory Dimensions, a leading sensory science, and consumer research consultancy were established in 1989. It’s a business that has grown rapidly in both revenue and profits, but success has brought with it far greater demands on individuals.

Tracey says: “I was looking for a more structured approach to my thinking about all aspects of the business; marketing, sales, resourcing, and staff. I found it reassuring that other people on the Henley Accelerator, although from very diverse businesses were like-minded and the peer to peer interaction was very good. Although we were asking some obvious questions of one another, I did find that it helped sharpen up and improve my communication skills.”

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