“It was like physiotherapy for the business”

says Dr Aine Aherne, Managing Director, Envirodat.
This is how the Berkshire Business Accelerator programme helped Envirodat.

Run by Aine Aherne and Bruce Kester, Envirodat is an air pollution consultancy with a particular expertise in stack emission monitoring. The Accelerator became the critical agent for change at a time when the business had grown by 30% in one year and a new approach was required to improve effectiveness and efficiency to maintain growth.

Aine says: “The Accelerator programme provided us with the time and the tools to develop our core strengths and identify some areas where we needed to invest time and resources. The strategy programme was fantastic; invaluable. Combined with the time spent considering the particular strengths of our business, it’s provided an impetus and focus for us to make positive changes. These simple focussed changes delivered immediate financial results.

The Accelerator provided the opportunity to meet a range of businesses who were all at different stages of the growth cycle; everybody had something useful to contribute and was willing to share their knowledge and experience. We’ve changed how we think about the business, and now have a focussed strategy to continue to grow the business. Changing behaviour can take time, the challenge is to keep ‘doing the exercises’ to keep getting the results.”

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