“Quite specifically, it’s helped us align our marketing budgets with our key growth areas.”

says David McLeman, Managing Director, Ancoris.
Hear about his experience of the Berkshire Business Accelerator programme.

Ancoris is an award-winning Google Enterprise Partner with 28 employees. In 2013 they achieved a year on year growth of 48%. A recent company transition sparked David’s interest in the Henley Accelerator. Although Ancoris is a ten-year-old IT business, as a consequence of the recession they changed their business model to take advantage of emerging cloud computing opportunities. As a result, they found themselves behaving more like a fast-growth new start-up. With a new product, new markets and new customers, they committed completely to the new business model. Change brought with it considerable challenges; a business acquisition meant an additional director joined the two existing directors and a new financial director was also appointed.

“The Accelerator gave us a great opportunity to refine and articulate future business strategy. The timing was perfect; we were already starting to plan for our new financial year,” said David. “We took away some really useful tools to hone business strategy and align our markets and propositions. The Product Market Matrix was the key framework that we rolled out to our sales team to clarify our plans. It’s given them a much stronger sense of ownership and a better alignment between our business strategy and our tactical sales engagements.”

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