High Growth Programme

Any Berkshire business can benefit from our first tier of free support. This service includes the advice on this website, our events and our half-day workshops. The best way to stay informed about this support is to sign up for our newsletter here.

Our separate High Growth service is available to a small number of businesses that meet certain eligibility criteria. This service is free and includes tailored business support.

To qualify for our High Growth business support, you need to:

  • Be a high growth business with the potential to grow significantly over the next two to three years.
  • Be an innovation-led start-up with intellectual capital to underpin the business.
  • Have ambitious plans to address an identified market need.
  • Have the potential for a scalable business model.
  • Have the potential to create new jobs.
  • Employ fewer than 250 staff and;
  • Either have a turnover of no more than €50m (approx. £44m) or a current balance sheet of €43m (approx. £38m)
  • Not be more than 25% owned by a firm who do not comply with the preceding criteria.
  • ERDF ineligible sectors are: banking & insurance, retail, child minding or nurseries, fishery and aquaculture sectors, primary production, processing and marketing of agricultural products/ raw food, the coal, steel and shipbuilding sectors, the synthetic fibres sector, or education or an area supported by a local authority

You can be at any stage of business including pre-revenue and support is not industry specific.

If your business fulfils the above criteria, please register now by clicking here.

“Following the changes we’ve made since starting the Growth Hub sessions, we’ll soon be able to open our doors to new clients for the first time in years, without affecting our profitability.”

 Alan Gow, Co-Owner, Argonaut Paraplanning

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“This course was absolutely fundamental in getting us to the next stage of developing the business more quickly.”

John Davies, Finance Director at Pacer International

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“Quite specifically, it’s helped us align our marketing budgets with our key growth areas.”
David McLeman, Managing Director, Ancoris.

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