Going global: accelerate your business

Scaling up a business presents many challenges and requires considerable skill and judgement. We have a range of resources to help you at this stage of your business growth.


Launching a new product, service or brand

If you are planning to launch a new product, service or brand you will need to follow many of the steps a new business would take going to market for the first time, including testing new ideas with your customers. You should also take care to protect your ideas.



Whether you are looking to expand your footprint in existing markets, identify and break into new high-growth ones, or invest in overseas operations there is a range of expertise to call upon.


Managing staff

Whether you are looking to train your workforce, take on apprentices or implement flexible working, there are a range of resources to help.

Strategy review

If you need additional support accelerating your business and you meet our eligibility criteria please complete our enquiry form…


Making acquisitions

If you're looking to grow your business you may want to consider an acquisition as an alternative to organic growth.